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    Fort Bliss Child Care

    Are you a service member needing child care at Fort Bliss? The registration process is not easy and can be time consuming. However, the services provided and the available child care opportunities are worth the hassle and the headache!

    Here are a few tips to help with the process:

    • Even though Parent Central assists walk-ins, you will be more satisfied and less stressed if you call ahead and schedule an appointment. Don’t make it harder on yourself than it has to be. Make an appointment. Call 915-568-4374 or visit to schedule an appointment.
    • When you schedule your appointment, ask questions! Use this time to inform the provider of any issues or medical concerns. There is a great deal of paperwork needed to provide the most amazing care for your kiddos so ask the questions ahead of time.
    • Pick up the registration form ahead of time and come to your appointment PREPARED.
    • You will need the following documents at time of registration: CYS registration form, a Leave and Earnings Statement (LES) and/or pay stub of both parents residing in the same household, a DEERS printout, and shot records and health assessments for each child. ***If your child has special medical needs, call Parent Central ahead of your scheduled appointment to find out what additional information will be needed.
    • People often ask why the LES/pay stub is needed. Your pay information is used to determine your cost of monthly child care. If you fail to provide the LES/paystub at the time of your appointment, you are automatically assessed the most expensive child care fee. Lesson learned: Don’t forget your LES/paystub!

    You can reach out to the fine folks at Parent Central by calling 915-568-4374 or stop by their office at 1743 Victory Avenue.

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